The Nature of the Beast

On my way back from an audition last week it occurred to me that I spent the better part of my 20s and 30s uttering the phrase, “It’s not fair.” I was so busy looking at the success of other actors that I didn’t realize that it was actually chipping away at my confidence and self-esteem.

Once an actor figures out that the only career that makes sense is to be an actor, they come to realize that it’s not a nine-to-five job. Instead they have to build something out of nothing and it’s up to them to make that career happen. Most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouth and we oftentimes look to those that have had a seemingly easy road with envy. Well, the truth is… success is never an easy road however you slice it. Everyone’s journey is different. Once you start comparing yourself to another person you are sure to have major disappointments and depression.

I have since learned that it’s more fulfilling to be inspired by the success of others than to wish that you had their career. The truth is…you never know about another person until you walk in their shoes. So what if your journey is hard. Anything worth having is hard. Seriously, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

I know that sometimes it feels like your career is in quicksand. I also know that there are setbacks. But, a true warrior picks up their sword and fights the good fight. If you want it badly enough you will pick up that sword and go after it with strength and determination.

So, figure it out. Chart your course, set your goals, and go after it again and again until you feel the movement in your career. Then, keep going and don’t look back. Before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination. Then guess what? You’ll need to set another course, another goal, and do it all over again. See, it’s never-ending, so why sweat it? It’s the nature of the beast.

And I’m always here for you!