Consultation Packages

Consultation Packages


Cost: $155 an hour

This is what you can do over several sessions with Amy

  1. Strategize and Reformat Resume to Competitive Industry Standard
  2. Update Actors Access Resume
  3. Branding Exercise – Where Do You Fit In The Industry?
  4. Define Your Next Photo Session (as needed)
  5. Amy can pick your photos
  6. Advice on IMDB
  7. Demo Clips and Reels Reviewed
  8. Advice on Cutting Reel to Competitive Industry Standard
  9. Determine Additional Clips to Shoot to Match Typing
  10. Advice on Writing New Demo Scenes
  11. Writing 1-2 Demo Scenes

And so much more! You can even negociate for Amy to come to the set to coach you and/or direct and produce your scenes.

Please call the office to set up an appointment 818.760.8501 or CONTACT US.

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