Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive Package


Over 3 Hours Of Instruction To Take You Out Of Development And Into The Acting Game!

What constitutes a comprehensive package? Your resume needs to match your photos and your photos need to match your demo reel and all of that needs to match you! Your goal is to have a Comprehensive Package that makes sense with what you are selling… YOU!

If you’re frustrated with your career, The Perfect Comprehensive Package has everything you need to put together an amazing marketing package that gets you noticed! From formatting your resume, to finding your essence and producing your headshot session, to making an outstanding acting demo reel. It is time to find an Agent or Manager worthy of your talent. Get out of development and get into the Acting game!


5 Video Lectures

  • Your Package
  • Are You Ready?
  • Perfecting The Headshot
  • Headshot Assignment
  • How to Make An Outstanding Acting Demo Reel

3 Audios

  • How To Format Your Resume Audio Lecture
  • The Full Package Motivational Minute
  • Putting Your Package Together Marketing Call

4 Assignments

  • Are You Matching AKA Comprehensive
  • Your Essence
  • Realign Your Type
  • Headshots

2 Articles

  • How to Get The Perfect Headshots
  • Anatomy of a Demo Reel

Plus BONUS Worksheets

  • 2 Resume Templates

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